Motorcycle Tyre

because rubber has the characteristics of high elasticity and high elongation that any other material does not have, it is widely used in various departments of the national economy, national defense, space development and daily life. Motorcycle tires are one of the products with rubber as the main raw material.

RICHTONE® Motorcycle tires now have hundreds of specifications and models, nearly a thousand kinds of patterns. In order to ensure the quality of motorcycle tires, motorcycle tires must be produced in strict accordance with the national GB518-1997 product standards. 

Motorcycle tire production of common raw materials can be divided into three categories, mainly rubber ,auxiliaries (coordination agent) and skeleton materials. 

Motorcycle tires must have the performance and characteristics:

1. Motorcycle tires must have a good grip performance with the ground , anti-skid performance, heat dissipation performance

 2. Motorcycle tires should have good impact resistance performance ,through performance and control performance

 3. Motorcycle tires should have better puncture resistance, wear resistance and flexure resistance, so as to ensure that motorcycle tires have higher safety and longer service life

Motorcycle tires can be divided into oblique structure and meridian structure according to the classification of structural characteristics. At present, most of our domestic motorcycle tire manufacturers are oblique structure motorcycle tires

Motorcycle tires can be divided into: street motorcycle tires, off-road motorcycle tires, scooter motorcycle tires


RICHTONE® Motorcycle tires can also be divided according to whether there are inner tubes: tubeless motorcycle tyre  and tube tyre motorcycle tyre

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